The IXPConnect platform provides the capability to remotely access the peering platforms of the federated IXP’s from any of the aggregation points on the Italian territory.

The operators who are present in the IXPConnect aggregation points can establish peering sessions with all of the AS’s belonging to the federated IXP’s by linking to the local interconnection platform. On the other end, any member of the participating IXP’s is able to peer with the operators who are connected in an IXPConnect point.

Each of the IXPConnect points is connected to the federated IXP’s with redundant, high capacity transport services. The IXPConnect points are managed locally by a partner who will take care of service activation. It will be possible to select various port types and also the target IXP’s, determining the total dedicated capacity towards each of them.

We are starting with two federated IXP’s, namely  NaMeX  in Roma and  TOP-IX  in Torino and one IXPConnect aggregation point in Palermo, Sicily.

More IXP’s and IXPConnect aggregation points are about to be added.


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