IXPConnect node in Palermo

IXPConnect node in Palermo


The IXPConnect site in Palermo is located within the Sicily Hub of Telecom Italia Sparkle, in via Ugo La Malfa, 99.

The site is designed for the connection of the international operators who arrive in the Telecom Italia Sparkle cable landing stations of Catania, Mazara del Vallo, Palermo and Trapani. The local ISP’s will also find the Sicily Hub a convenient aggregation point.

Information and activation requests for the IXPConnect site in Palermo can be requested via e-mail at the address palermo@ixpconnect.net.

The current configuration of the aggregation point at the Sicily Hub in Palermo is based on a Brocade switching platform which is connected via a protected transport service to the federated IXP’s, thus enabling the extension of the peering VLAN’s of NaMeX and TOP-IX into the Sicily Hub IXPConnect aggregation point in Palermo.

The operators who have a presence at the Telecom Italia Sparkle Sicily Hub in Palermo can thus peer with the AS’s that are present at the federated IXP’s, by a simple connection to the IXPConnect node also at the Sicily Hub in Palermo. Likewise, the members of the federated IXP’s will be able to request peering with any operator connected to the IXPConnect node in Palermo.